Boston Fashion Week: Updates 

Happy Hump Day everyone! As you may have noticed, I have been all over the place the past few days due to numerous shows and events throughout Boston for fashion week.

Working as media/press for the first time ever has been extremely great and rewarding. I have really learned the importance of networking and putting yourself out there. It’s great to make a bunch of new friends and connections and help them reach their own goals while completing your own in the process. In a world where everything seems to be going downhill lately, it’s nice to know that people can still work together to reach success.

Look below to meet some of my new friends! Also, SURPRISE! I had my very own business cards made on Saturday for the blog. I completely overlooked the idea of having them until I was asked to present them at an event on Sunday.

Also, I am completely for the idea of adding personality to your business cards as long as your position allows you to be creative. Obviously, working in a more professional position in a larger company where the environment is more structured calls for a simple layout and minimal information.

For example, a business card for my career as a full-time Assistant Buyer would include information that is less personal and focused on the work I do through the company instead of on my own. In this case, I would choose a simple layout and maybe add a minimal design with a color or two.

Writing professionally for someone else’s events requires that you share your ideas before posting them. This means that I need to carefully review every word that I write about each event and also look over every picture that I post before releasing the information to the general public. Although this is my own blog, I have been asked to cover these events as media so I need to work within their guidelines as well as my own. With that said, it is extremely vital that I still keep my own personality, opinions, and ridiculous sense of humor within everything I say.

Don’t you worry guys! I’m still eating plenty of food, meal prepping like a crazy woman, working full time, browsing stores online and in person, and spending any other free time I have out with friends and coworkers. I will post a new recipe tomorrow and hopefully have all of the photos to finalize the post from my wicked awesome night on Sunday (I think that is the first time I ever used the term wicked in my life- welcome to NE!)

Photo Credit: Alec MacLean from

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