BFW: A Night at the Museum

As a former fashion student turned assistant buyer (and now blogger), it has always been drilled into my head that although there are new trends and trims every season, fashion always repeats itself. Lower priced fast fashion brands base their ideas off of the larger fashion houses who use history and architecture to conceive a collection.

Bandana // Genuine Suede Blazer // Zara Blouse (similar) // Jeans // Shoes // Tote

Now let’s get to the real models and outfits of the night! Below you will find segments about each aspect of my experience at the museum.

The designer:

Luke Aaron’s designs reflect an appreciation for the past while also modernizing each piece to connect it to modern day fashion and lifestyle. Being a Bostonian, he draws inspiration from old-school Boston and reimagines it. Not only do his ideas derive directly from historical times, but they each tell a story as well with a focus on the wearer.

The Brand:

The designer clothing company was founded in 2011 by Luke Aaron and is based in Boston. Not only does he use only the most intricate laces and embroideries, but it is important to also note that he designs with purpose in addition to focusing on quality.

Another thing I learned in fashion class was that “retail is detail”. Attention to detail is extremely vital especially when your customer has expensive taste. Each dress has its own charm and unique detail to create its own appeal to the high-class masses.

The Event:

Instead of a fashion show, the museum was turned into into a living art space for the night. There were two to three models in each area portraying history through their carefully constructed gowns and glistening headpieces.

Each design created by Luke Aaron related to one of the five rooms of the house that it was presented in. The rooms were decorated ceiling to floor with everything from tables to tapestries that were purchased in Europe during the Nichols’ travels and represent different times and areas in history.

The Museum:

This gorgeous home is located on 55 Mount Vernon Street on Beacon Hill. It was my first time ever in the neighborhood and I immediately fell in love with the black iron fences, red brick paths, and cobblestone streets. The house was built in 1804 by the politician Jonathan Mason and includes four floors separated by spiral staircases covered in deep red carpet. It was owned by and named after Rose Nichols who lived there from 1885 to 1960 and left the house to exemplify the lifestyle of the American upper class of that time. The building was last renovated in 1830 and has been preserved since 1960 to show the life of the Nichols’ in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

I hope you enjoyed your little fashion and history lesson! Let me know your thoughts on the collection and what you think of the museum and its gorgeous location.