Dave’s Coffee

Local shops and small cafes happen to be my favorite places to explore in Rhode Island. It has been such a blessing living in Providence surrounded by such talented chefs and business owners.

After a while, the same old Starbucks iced coffee in the morning gets too old. It is a bit unexciting and overpriced to me, although I still have a gold card.

Instead of spending your money at the same well-known places, try something new and support a local business in the process! This is my go-to special treat and little before work pick me up spot. It is also a great place to get some work done or catch up with a few friends.

Welcome to my all time favorite place to order a toasty latte, and Rhode Island’s own, Dave’s Coffee.

Not only do they brew their own coffee and roast their own beans in-house right before your eyes, but they also run a wholesale business and sell their coffee to many different restaurants and grocery stores. You can also purchase this coffee by the bean for yourself and pick up some merchandise as well.

Besides coffee, Dave’s offers a wide selection of pastries and breakfast sandwiches sure to leave your soul and stomach satisfied. They have their usual everyday popular selections in pastries and lattes as well as seasonal favorites.

Did you notice the picture?! DONUTS, people! Fall-inspired flavors include Spiced Hot Chocolate, Apple Cider, Hazelnut Cranberry, and Brown Sugar Peacan. Not only are some of the ingredients locally sourced, but these hearty holes are also GLUTEN FREE!

This was my most recent order: A vanilla bourbon latte (my usual order- a perfect blend of bitter and sweet) for the commute to work. To save for lunch: A seasonal salad of kale, pepitas(pumpkin seeds), apples, and squash, topped with shredded Gorgonzola cheese and an apple cider vinaigrette (sweet and crunchy!).

My current seasonal latte obsession is the smoked maple which reminds me of a campfire mixed with bacon. What else could you ask for?!

Happy first day of October and thank you for reading! Stay tuned for some more seasonally-appropriate food posts!

Be sure to visit Dave’s Coffee

  • DAILY from 7am to 7pm on 341 S Main St, Providence, RI 02903
  • DAILY from 6am to 6pm on 5193 Old Post Road, Charlestown, RI 02813