Noon Designs 

First on my list of must-see local shops is Noon Designs. Formerly, this cute little gift store was conveniently located in the middle of Downtown Providence. It was the place I would go for unique birthday, holiday, and “just because” presents for friends and family. While shopping for my favorite people, I’d also be known to pick up a few things for myself. Since I was in college at the time, I couldn’t go in too often or I’d be completely broke.

The store has now moved on to a new space in Pawtuxet Village- only a short drive away from Providence and right near the water!

Unfortunately, due to my own change in location for work and a hefty commute, this was my first time visiting since Noon’s relocation. However, as usual, I was completely taken by the beautiful set up and great scents in the new place.

As stated before, this is one of my favorite places to pick up special gifts. Whether it’s an earthy rollerball perfume, heavenly scented body butter, or shimmery Swarovski earrings, you cannot lose the gifting game here.

One of the best parts of the store is that all of the items sold are made in America. Most are even created locally, and the owner even makes the jewelry in house!

Popular items, such as these tea towels shown above, are also available for wholesale! Own your own business and looking to add some unique local talent? Let Noon spice up your space!

Something in the store that I pick up often is rollerball perfumes. These scents are completely different than your usual floral or fruity without being too daring. My personal favorite is the Rice Flower and Musk. Recently, I have also purchased the Creamy Coconut, Island Sandalwood, and Night Blooming Cactus.

Don’t worry guys, Noon is completely prepared for all of your Pumpkin loving  dreams.  They offer sugar scrubs, soaps, and body butters to keep you smelling seasonally sensational. My favorite body butter (that I applied just now after the shower) is the Almond Biscotti. I could literally eat myself up. This could also explain why the bugs have been loving me lately.

My mom will probably start laughing at me for writing this … But beyond being a candle collector at my adulting stage (yes they sell delightful candles too!), I was also a rock collector as a child. Yes, literal rocks. I owned one of those rock tumbler things and was convinced that I would end up with a diamond. Well, to my dismay, I never became a professional miner and will have to wait until price charming comes someday to see that diamond.

My favorite stones are tigers eye, lapis lazuli, moonstones, opals, and amazonite. I’ve also had an obsession with druzys lately and they sell them in store as well! I am most fond of the Swarovski handmade jewelry and the crystal earrings usually make up a good chunk of my receipt.

Look at that cute packaging! Each item is origami-wrapped and finished with a little informational card about Noon.

Check out my purchases:

Visit Noon Designs in Rhode Island, New Jersey, and even San Diego!

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