Stitch Fix

I just wanted to start the weekend by introducing you to my new favorite way to shop. With a long work week and extensive commute, it is nice to have something to look forward to when you come home. Last weekend I received my first “fix” after signing up and receiving my own personal stylist with Stitch Fix!

If you are sitting here thinking, “I’m on a budget, there’s no way I can afford this!” Don’t you worry your pretty little fashionable mind. Stitch Fix is a service with easy purchases AND returns. They have a wonderful system where you are charged a simple $20 upfront once you schedule the delivery of your first fix. You are not charged any more until you hit the “check-out” button online after reviewing your items and choosing what you would like to keep.

How cute is this packaging? The shoes are in a canvas bag and clothes are wrapped in tissue paper. Along with your five items comes a return bag that is already labeled and ready for you to take to the post office with your unwanted items!

In addition to that, you receive a nice note from your stylist as well as details about each item you receive and style cards with visuals that show different ways to wear them.

How-to-Style Cards:

First, I will show you which items I was sent and then I will get you on your way to creating your profile and receiving your first fix! 


Shoes: Franco Sarto Laced Ankle Booties 

I am completely obsessed with the peep-toe style and easy to wear heel of this shoe. I love the feel of the suede and the lace up leather detail. However, these were over $100 and I just bought three new pairs of boots so I will have to save these beauties for another time.

Status: Sadly Returned

Jeans: Distressed Ankle Zip Skinny Jean

If you know me, you know that Joe’s Jeans are my favorite denim brand. HOWEVER, this was the first time that I have ever experienced another pair of jeans that fit like a glove! The great thing about Stitch Fix is that you choose your sizes, but also your measurements based on your height and weight which means JEANS THAT ARE MADE FOR YOU! Although these were almost perfect, I did not like the placement of the rip so I had to say no.

Status: Equally as sad to return


Knit Top : Bar Neckline Top

Sometimes I feel as though you have to choose between being comfortable and looking cute. This is false, people. Although the style of this shirt is oversized, the unique neckline adds a bit of excitement. This top hollers that you are not willing to give up on your stylish ways just to get a bit of comfort. Also, it is a great dark teal color with a high-low length that allows it to be worn all the time. Pair it with jeans or even leggings for a comfortable AND cute look. SCORE, I kept it!

Status: Happily worn and already in another blog post!

Blouse: Lace Back Halter

Another great color option. If you know about my style, you know that I always turn to black as my first choice. For a night out with your man or even the girls, this top is the perfect one to compliment your all-black-everything look. The lace runs all the way down the back of the shirt to create an edge- we call this a “party in the back”! Everything seemed perfect, except your girl is a little busty. While it is great to flaunt what you got, sometimes you have to say no. Taming the girls and my wallet with this one.

Status: Too revealing to keep


Dress: Textured Knit Body-Con

My favorite thing to wear is a dress. No matter what I’m doing or how the weather plays out, I can always dress it up or down. This dress proves my point since it can be worn in the office or for a night out. I would either wear it with a blazer and heels or with one of my fabulous black leather jackets for a few drinks with friends. Although I do not wear much grey, the color and pattern of this dress make it extremely versatile and wearable. Again I loved this, except just by looking at it, I knew it would be way too big. Sometimes I wish I was a Kardashian, but I know I have to accept that I am just Imbeccable.

Status: My hip’s don’t lie (or exist) RETURN!

It’s Time To Begin!

For both women AND men- follow this link to begin with your style profile and work towards receiving your first fashion fix!

  1. Follow the link above! Create an account using your email or Facebook.
  2. Set up your style profile using your height, weight, and body proportions.
  3. Choose the fits and cuts that show your body off the way you want them to.
  4. Browse through different looks and choose the ones that best fit your personal style.
  5. Check off items you would NOT like to receive, and leave the ones blank that you do.
  6. Example: I am super picky with jewelry, so I would rather choose that for myself, it is also something that I feel cannot be chosen based on price point.
  7. Also, choose NOT to receive colors and prints that you would never wear (orange).
  8. Use reasonable price points for each of your items that YOU ARE willing to spend.
  9. Attach all social media platforms that explain who you are and what you wear to help the stylist choose items fit for you.
  10. Write anything you would like to help the stylist- for example, I said that I dress mostly business casual and need looks that go from day to night. I also mentioned that I love jewel-toned colors. How spot-on was she?!

I hope you enjoyed your shopping class for today! Be sure to join Stitch Fix, I promise you won’t be disappointed! My next fix is scheduled for after Thanksgiving so be sure to check back to see what I purchase then!