Life Lessons from a Dress

The Store: Ku De Ta (Chestnut Hill Location)

Earlier this weekend, I mentioned that I spent my Saturday afternoon at a boutique right outside of Boston. I was there to choose outfits that fit my needs for the events that occurred within the next 48 hours. Personally, I am so blessed to work with wonderful businesses, both large and small, so that we can help each other reach our goals. It excites me greatly to find local businesses that have great products to offer. Shopping small is so important in our economy and this boutique was definitely a hidden gem for me.

Ku De Ta in Chestnut Hill opened its doors in 2014 and I am astonished that I did not even know they existed until a couple of weeks ago. They also continue to operate the original location in Boston. As a lover of all things fashion, it is important to me to find unique pieces that are not worn by the masses. Ku De Ta does a great job of choosing memorable yet wearable works of art to sell in their boutique.

While they carry great well-known brands, such as my favorites Joe’s Jeans and Free People, they also carry other brands that are extremely exclusive. The boutique’s selections cannot be bought online since they only have a select amount of each item, but I promise you will never be empty handed when leaving their store.

The staff is also extremely helpful and will help you style whatever you need, whether you need something for a formal or casual occasion. You can contact the Chestnut Hill location at info@kudetachestnuthill or call 617-269-0008 to schedule your Girl’s Night Out with 20% off of the entire store!

The Dress: Aratta  by Susanna Karapetyan

As I mentioned previously, there are great exclusive pieces available in the boutique created by designers that you are most likely completely unfamiliar with. To be honest, I took this dress into the dressing room thinking absolutely nothing of it and expecting to hate it. I usually never wear prints and stick to a simple color palette of black with maybe a pop of color.

Being both a lover and worker of the fashion industry causes me to truly appreciate garments for what they are. When taking a chance on a new piece (or a new look in my case), it is important to understand where it was made and how much really went into it.

This long length dress is 100% Polyester with a slight high-low hemline. The bodice is buttoned up and also includes pleating detail. The trim on the button placket and hem of the dress is a dark blue colored velvet. There is also a shoelace-like belt used to synch the waist for a better fit that also compliments the full skirt. Although it may seem like a lot of dress with the all-over floral print, the fabric makes the dress lightweight yet still perfect for a fall day. The velvet fabric hemline is heavier than the polyester, allowing the dress to flow perfectly and move with you.

One of my favorite aspects about this dress is that it continues to be unique yet a timeless elegant piece. I really doubt that you own ANYTHING like this (I sure don’t)! By wearing this, you will never be over or under dressed since it can be worn for pretty much any occasion. Also, it can be transitioned from both day to night AND season to season with the right accessories.

I also grabbed these great gold-dipped earrings to go with the dress. They are lightweight but have a great detail to them. The small gemstone drop adds a bit of excitement while keeping the earrings simple and chic. If you look closely, you can see that they are made of a very thin chain. You pull the chain through your ear to the length you want the earrings to fall. Not only are they convertible, but the best part is that they stay exactly in the same place all day and you don’t have to worry about them falling out of your ears.


img_3196-1img_3189img_3188img_3190* All photos were taken by Alison Rugg Photography at the Hilton Garden Inn Providence

Last Words and Takeaways

Isn’t it great that you can learn something when you never expected to? Life lessons come in all shapes and sizes. This dress taught me so much with just one wear.

When choosing special pieces for your wardrobe, I hope that you not only appreciate the look that it gives you, but also all that the garment is. Always remember to give local boutiques and less known designers a chance, you never know when you will score a gorgeous item unlike anything you have ever seen!

Also, never judge a dress by how it looks on the hanger. How something fits on your unique body is completely different than how it fits thin air. Your body is a temple, dress it in something you love that compliments everything that you are! After all, the world is your runway, darling.