Food Truck Sunday Funday

This past Sunday, November 6th, I had the chance to participate in the first Food Truck Sunday Funday event in Providence. The parking lot of a waterfront bar known as Hot Club transformed into the parking ground of many Rhode Island food trucks. Staying locally at the Hilton Garden Inn meant that I could check out of the hotel and head right over to see what was cooking only a few steps away. Also, it’s the perfect alternative to a Sunday brunch with trucks that offer coffee and delectable comfort foods.

Every Sunday, different food trucks will be camping out at Hot Club from 12:30pm-4:30pm. However, if there’s one you are particularly excited about, don’t wait until the last minute! The trucks will only be serving the food that they have available in their trucks and due to popularity, your favorite treats could run out fast!

After choosing which foods fit your Sunday cravings, there are many places to enjoy your meal. You can stay outside and grab a seat on the patio, or even keep warm inside of Hot Club and order an adult beverage to accompany your meal.

Admission is free and you can access the food trucks on a first come first serve basis. The trucks’ prices generally range from $3-$10 depending on the food items that you choose. All trucks also accept cash or card so you don’t have to worry about hitting the ATM prior to your visit.

Personally, I enjoy eating from the food trucks since you aren’t tied down to a certain type of food or a particular restaurant. At this Food Truck Sunday Funday, you could grab a coffee, BBQ chicken, grilled cheese, and fish tacos all in one sitting. I usually try to get smaller portioned food so I can sample as much as possible!

Did I mention all of these trucks are local?! Check below for more details of each truck that attended last weekend’s event and where you can locate them. Happy eating! I’ll see you next week for more food truck fun.


Presto Strange O Coffee: Warwick, Rhode Island

I was lucky to score a warm latte after a chilly boat tour of Providence. When I approached the truck, I knew I was more than ready to trade my alcoholic beverage voucher for a coffee!

I ordered the Mocha Mint Latte which was the perfect amount of chocolate and mint- and to my surprise, it wasn’t too sweet! In my opinion, sometimes mocha flavored coffee starts to taste heavy like hot chocolate. I was happy to find out it was not too heavy or too chocolatey at all. Also, for all of my fellow lactose intolerants out there, yes they have almond milk and other non-dairy options!

This mobile coffee truck began in 2010 and serves hot and cold coffee, smoothies, frozen drinks, and teas that are local and organic. In addition, the truck also roasts its own beans and offers them by the pound for purchase. There are also a small selection of various pastries to choose from to compliment your choice of coffee.


Gotta Q: Cumberland, Rhode Island

Although all you see is a small food truck, this BBQ destination has lots to offer! Besides bringing the great tastes of the South to New England, the truck currently ranks 3rd in the country on the list of the best BBQ FoodTrucks in all of the USA.

They offer wood smoked pork, beef brisket, baby back ribs, chicken dishes, and even great sides like macaroni and cheese! Besides operating the truck, the owners also run a brick and mortar location and offer both pick up and drop off catering options.

Fancheezical: Providence, Rhode Island

Can you guess what this truck is known for? Fancheezical is Rhode Island’s first grilled cheese truck and also lands a spot on the list of New England’s Top 25 Food Trucks.

Popular cheesy sandwich options include my favorite, the Bay of Pigs with pulled pork, bacon, ham, cheddar cheese, and a Cuban sauce. What is better than bacon?! Also on the list is The Hill to take you back to the flavors of our Italian-run Federal Hill with tomatoes, pesto, and provolone cheese.

To compliment your grilled goodness, they offer different kinds of corn, a seasonal salad, tomato bisque, and potato chips. Have an allergy? Vegan and Gluten Free options are also available!


Red’s Street Kitchen: Warren, Rhode Island

Owned by two former restaurant chefs who met while working at the same restaurant in Boston. They are focused on the farm to table movement and work towards sourcing natural local ingredients. Although their comfort foods seem to be a classic mix of sandwiches and fries, they use European and Pan-Mediterranean flavors.

At the event, this food truck was by far the most popular and sadly ran out of the steak and cheese fries before I could get my hands on them. However, I did get two try two of their unique slider options!

Left: Chimmi Slider- seared local shaved steak, fried onions, sautéed mushrooms, smash potatoes, homemade wizz, and chimmichurri sauce
Right: Yankee Pot Roast Slider- red wine braised beef, cheddar cheese, jiardinere, and black pepper horseradish mayo on a griddled roll

I hope to see you at next Food Truck Sunday Funday event. Keep yourself updated on which food trucks to expect each week by visiting the Providence Food Truck website at or by keeping up with PVD Food Truck Events on Facebook This weekly foodie destination at Hot Club will be up and running from November 6th to December 18th!