Treehouse Tavern 

If you are on the hunt for a local restaurant outside of the city, Treehouse Tavern is the perfect choice. Whether you are heading out with the family or for a date night, this restaurant is sure to please. Treehouse Tavern is a family owned and operated restaurant located in Warwick, Rhode Island that opened in 1978.

My boyfriend and I went here on a Thursday night after we both had long days. The atmosphere is warm and inviting which makes it a great spot for a romantic evening. Although we went for dinner, Treehouse Tavern also offers an amazing brunch menu that we are definitely going to check out also.

On the menu you can find a wide range of beer and wine selections as well as craft cocktails. There are many different appetizers and entrees that are sure to please your palate. Among the flavors are meat and seafood favorites with a seasonal twist.

When you approach the restaurant, you will be greeted by a large treehouse with tons of animal figures as well as bright-lit trees. Inside you can find decorations inspired by the great outdoors.

Click the link to make a reservation, or check out more of what the Treehouse Tavern has to offer:


When you arrive, there is popcorn waiting at the table for you which is great for hungry/hangry people like us who come to restaurants when we are completely starving.


Craft Cocktails:

  • Red Apple Press Mason Jar- ciroc apple vodka, apple rhubarb-extract, apple juice, club soda
  • Cobbler Cocktail- hard apple cider, splash of cran-apple, orange liquor, sparkling brut


Seared Scallops: extra-large seared sea scallops served over a spicy apricot preserve with a pumpkin risotto, homemade sausage, and arugula


Sirloin Special– (not on the menu) 16oz sirloin steak over lobster meat and mashed potatoes with broccolini on the side


Dessert Cocktails: Espresso Martini and Pumpkin Martini (both equally delicious)


Massive desert tray selections ranging in prices from $6 to $18.


We chose a chocolate mousse with whipped cream, a chocolate straw, chocolate candies, chocolate pudding, and chocolate cake.


I never even knew that this place or anything like it existed. It was the perfect surprise after the end of a long week. I would recommend this restaurant for people of all ages and all appetites. A must-see and crowd pleaser!