Hello Fresh

After a failed attempt to get a facial through Groupon, I decided to use my credit towards something I have always loved that has never let me down… Food. Be sure to search for Hello Fresh and schedule your first meal delivery!

The classic meal plan starts at three meals per week for two people and costs $69. If purchased on Groupon, the same deal can be bought for $35! That is basically six meals for the price of one dinner out! Also, you can schedule up to five meals per week for two to four people based on your household. I order the meals for two for myself so that I can make both for dinner and save the leftover for lunch the next day.

You can either purchase this for yourself or as a gift for someone else. This is a great idea for a college student, busy parent, workaholic, grandparent, or anyone who doesn’t have the time or energy to run to the grocery store.

After signing up, you choose three of your favorite meals from the list of weekly offerings. You can also set your personal food preferences as variety, fit, quick, seafood free, pork free, or beef free. The best part is that all of the ingredients and recipe cards are sent straight to your door! This is amazing for portion control and the fear of overbuying (I hate wasting food). I chose the “Fit” plan which includes meals that are 675 calories or less.

Also, you can view each meal and recipe before you purchase it to see each ingredient. This came in handy since I was unable to find many gluten free options. I simply made sure I had GF pastas, grains, bread crumbs, and sauces just in case I needed to substitute something. My first meal of three was an easy recipe for Panko-Crusted Cod. All I had to do was substitute GF panko and use my own butter, oil, and pots and pans!

Check below for packaging, recipe guides, and in the moment cooking pictures.


All three meals come in one large, insulated and freezer packed box. The ingredients for each meal are packaged in separate boxes and the meats and fish are in their own packaging as well.


There are step-by-step recipe guides with details on the serving sizes of each ingredient, nutrition and allergen information, a tool guide, and any additional things you need to complete the meal.


Pictured above is everything that was included for the Panko Crusted Cod


In-the-moment vegetable and fruit preparation for the meal.


Wasabi aioli sauce is spread on the cod fillets before the panko crumbs are added.


Green beans, shallots, and grape tomatoes are cooked together in a medium pan.


The final product- Panko Crusted Cod over a bed of White Quinoa and Vegetables with Wasabi Aioli and a Wedge of Lime.

I hope you enjoyed this post about making dinners easier with Hello Fresh. You can also cancel your subscription at any time or set your own schedule for deliveries if you do not wish to have weekly deliveries. Overall, I was very satisfied with this service and will most likely also use this as a gift idea for the holidays and for myself in the future. Happy worry-free cooking!