Mixed Media 

When I was in college for fashion, I was told that you can’t mix certain fabrics or medias together. For example, leather could never be shown with suede since the eye would never know where to look. I never understood this concept because in my head, the eye should always be on the individual wearing the clothes, not the pieces themselves. Oh and as you know, this girl doesn’t play by the rules. 

How can you discover something new without testing the limits? In addition, you can’t successfully carry out a basic color scheme without some volume. Since I’m a fan of all black looks, I always opt for new textures that mix well together. After all, the best works of art are the ones that bring the eye across the canvas and challenge the mind. 

Let’s break the rules! In this post, I am wearing a leather and faux fur jacket, wax-like jeans, faux-python boots, my new favorite velvet bag, and a unique white blouse that I bought while studying in Paris. 

Blouse: Zara Paris // Jacket: Blank NYC // Jeans: Marshalls // Boots: Anthropologie // Bag: Rebecca Minkoff 

*all jewelry is from various boutiques in Boston 

Photos by: Alison Rugg Photography

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