Crushing on Velvet

One of my favorite trends of 2016 that will definitely be carried through the winter of 2017 is the velvet trend. Since this fabric is thicker, it is the perfect choice for fall and winter. Another great thing about this fabric is that it can be used for just about anything and everything you wear including shoes, boots, jewelry, hair accessories, scarves, handbags, jackets, shirts, pants, skirts, and even undergarments!

It also looks absolutely gorgeous in your home for use as a pillow cover, fabric of a couch or chair, curtains, head or foot-board of a bed, or even a cute little ottoman.

Lastly, velvet is awesome because there are four different ways to manipulate it. Chiffon velvet is lightweight and usually tends to have more of a sheer effect. Cisele occurs when loops of velvet are put together to create a certain pattern. Crushed velvet appears to be more shimmery and creates different tones of a color within the fabric and this happens when the velvet is pushed different directions (hence the term “crushed”). Lastly, burnout velvet is produced when certain areas are treated with a solution and end up dissolving or “burning out”. This also creates a pattern and the velvet is usually embossed over a mesh or lightweight fabric.

Check below for more ideas on how to incorporate all of the unique types of velvet into your interior and wardrobe with Anthropologie!

To Decorate:


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How I wear it:

Burnout Velvet and Mesh top: Free People

I’ve had this burnout velvet top for a few years now but it never gets old. It is the perfect amount of sassy and fun so you can simply pair it with your favorite jeans and boots or heels for a night out. The curve-hugging mesh stretch fabric allows you to move freely while also keeping your assets in place. The keyhole adds a little bit of sexiness to the top without being too much. You could also wear this with a simple solid colored leather flounce skirt to dress it up a bit.

Velvet Love Chevron Crossbody: Rebecca Minkoff

I purchased this lovely bag over Black Friday at Bloomingdales (which happens to be my favorite place to shop over the shopping holidays). I scored it for 30% off plus an additional 10% off since they accidentally advertised it for 40% off. False advertising is a real thing people- use it to your advantage! Anyway, although I wear lots of black, deep reds and wine colors are my absolute favorite for this time of year. I love the velvet and chevron pattern detail. It can fit all of my essentials including a full size wallet, iphone, lipstick, mascara, and even more if needed. This happens to be my favorite purse purchase as well as my go-to bag for a pop of color! Fun fact: It has already been featured on the blog.

Check out the full outfit post here: Mixed Media 


Velvet Deep-V Halter Top: Free People

This top is another favorite of mine. It definitely functions as a going out top. Since it has a halter neck and open back, I suggest only wearing it with pants, leggings, or jeans. You are showing enough skin girl, and you don’t want to freeze! Since it has a simple heavy black velvet fabric, you can accessorize with any colors you would like. I suggest wearing long earrings or a choker and assorted bangle bracelets. You can also wear this outfit with heels or boots depending on where you are heading for your night out on the town.

Embroidered Velvet Bomber: Anthropologie

Ok people, brace yourselves. To be completely honest with you, this was the ONLY thing on my Christmas list this year. My personal style is edgy while still being a tad girly- but the most important thing to me is being unique. This bomber is by far the most delicate and different item in my closet. It is made of a delicious heavier weight velvet fabric on the outside with a soft polyester lining inside. Bombers are extremely prevalent in high fashion as well as among the fast fashion retailers. Although bombers are usually lightweight, I can wear this now without another coat on top (trust me I wore it to the office last week!) The colorful embroidery and beautiful crystal beading allows it to be worn with just about anything. To casualize it, I wore skinny jeans and a black tee with short black booties. To dress it up, wear a sparkly or silky tank underneath, skinny jeans, and dressy boots. Although I don’t wear flats, this would be adorable with loafers as well. Once I find the sparkly booties of my dreams, I will definitely wear them with this for a really fashionable and somewhat dramatic look that isn’t too much to handle.



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