Making Sense out of Scents

If you are not already aware, I have a strange addiction to candles. I could honestly probably go on one of those “true life” shows because of it. However, I think there are a lot worse things to be addicted to and candles are not harmful unless you leave them unattended!

Within my 500 sq ft studio apartment, you can find many different candle variations ranging from juicy fruits, sweet desserts, and fresh linens. These candles are found in just about any place they can fit such as on table tops, near the stove, on bedside tables, in the bathroom, and even sometimes on the rim of my bathtub.

When purchasing a candle there are many different aspects to take into consideration. Obviously, the scent and size make a great impact on the will to purchase. However, it is really important to focus on the burn time and type of wax to make sure it is safe for yourself an your home while also giving you a great bang for you buck.

1.Boulangerie Jar by Illume

While searching for cookbooks and colorfully designed plates at Anthropologie, I came across a sweet smell that was delicious without being too overbearing (aka making me crave a funfetti cake with creamy vanilla icing). There are many different scents to choose from within the Boulangerie collection including Oatmeal Cookie, Lavender Shortbread, Lemon Poppyseed, Espresso, and Vanilla and Fig. The Boulangerie candle scent I purchased was Whipped Cream and Pear but it unfortunately has since sold out. It was the perfect combination of simply sweet and no too fruity. I usually keep this sugary treat in the kitchen.

The Boulangerie collection is based upon french desserts and the jars are even replicas of parisian pottery. They are $18 each with a 35 hour burn time. The 6oz candles are made of of all natural food ingredients in paraffin wax and poured in Minnesota.

2. Spring’s Eden Candle

The Spring’s Eden candles are a new addition to Anthropologie. They have extremely cute designs and the scents are fruity and floral. These candles are great for friends and people who appreciate art and design. The scent I most enjoy is the Coconut Milk Mango since it is nice and creamy with a strong coconut and a slight hint of other tropical fruity scents. It is described to have mandarin orange, velvet peach, fresh mango, vanilla, creamy coconut, and papaya.

There is one size available at 12.75 ounces and each tin candle is $20.  They are hand poured in the USA and the vegetable paraffin wax burns for about 32 hours.

3. Small Glass Jar by Voluspa

I like purchasing these 3.2 oz candles since I think of them as a trial size. Voluspa has so many unique scents and I haven’t found one that I didn’t like. By spending $12 on a candle that burns for 25 hours, you have enough time to fully enjoy the scent while also being able to purchase other things as well.

Voluspa focuses on affordable luxurious candles and I believe this is the perfect example. I lean towards the Gogi Tarocco Orange because of the rare orange scent that is both slightly fruity while also bringing a fresh calming sensation. In addition to the orange and gogi berry, there is also a hint of mango. The other scents available in this size include Ebony and Stone Fruit, Santiago Huckleberry, Mokara, French Cade, and Panjore Lychee. This little guy usually hangs out with me while I’m taking a bath.

4. Golden Fruit

The interesting thing about these gold or copper candles are that they are all different sizes and burn times depending on the fruit that you pick. For $22 you can choose either an apple or pear and for $30 you can get a pineapple candle. The apple has a 16 hour burn time, the pear has a 24 hour burn time, and the pineapple has a 48 hour burn time.

Because of the season, I chose the McIntosh Apple which includes crisp scents of apple, warm spices, wildflower honey, vanilla, musk, and maple cream. These are made of the vegetable paraffin wax, poured in the USA, and available at Anthropologie.

5. Capri Blue Candle Tin

From what I have observed, the Capri Blue collection is the most popular candle that Anthropologie is known for. Their signature Volcano scent is available in candles, diffusers, hand creams and lotions, room sprays, hand soaps, and bar soaps. The scent of this candle is extremely unique and really makes you feel as though you are somewhere tropical. The specific scents include tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, and exotic mountain greens.

I own many different sized candles with the Volcano scent as well as the diffuser and room spray. This specific 8.5oz Capri Blue candle is $14 and the soy wax burns for 38 hours. It is poured in Mississippi and made of recycled glass.

6. Candlefish Tiny Tin

I’m not quite sure how long Candlefish has been at Anthropologie for, but I just discovered them about a month ago. The candles come in various sizes and designs, but most importantly they have extremely rare scents that you may not be able to find anywhere else. Each candle is hand poured in South Carolina.

Number 31 of the Candlefish collection is my favorite scent. To try this scent, I purchased the 2.5oz tin for $9 that burns for 18 hours. The scent is labeled “Cedar, Lime, Leather” and includes cedarwood, elemi, lime, leather, and amber. Again, for some reason I feel as though this is a slightly serious and manly scent which is great for when you have people over or when you have work to get done. For some reason it motivates me. The other scents include varying herbs, vegetables, foliage, plants, and fruits, and berries.

7. Limited Edition Cut Glass Jar by Voluspa

The size and beauty of this candle makes it the perfect gift for the hostess with the mostest, the wonderful women in your life, and even your boss at work. I refer to this candle scent of Fresh Cade Lavender as the “freshly showered male”. Sometimes its nice to have that scent lingering when you live on your own and need some excitement. I keep this candle lit on my coffee table since it fills the apartment completely with a fresh scent. The scent is described as a mix of french cadewood, lavender, verbena, and moss.

This 16oz Voluspa candle can burn its coconut wax for 100 hours. Voluspa is my favorite brand of candle because the scents can fill your whole entire room in just minutes. They are poured in California and the unique glass design gives off a wonderful glow. The other scents available in this size include Ebony and Stone Fruit, Santiago Huckleberry, Mokara, Baltic Amber, and Panjore Lychee.

8. Limited Edition Japonica Candle Tin by Voluspa

As you can tell, my home and I are having an intense love affair with Voluspa. This limited edition tin is extremely awesome since it has 3 wicks unlike the other candles that have a single wick. This allows the scent to be spread faster and fuller. For Christmas, I purchased the Baltic Amber for my boss and was gifted the French Cade Lavender for a polyanna. The Baltic Amber includes hints of sandalwood and cedar which is extremely calming after a long week of work and promotes relaxation around the holidays.

This is my favorite gifting candle since it is absolutely gorgeous on the outside and delicious when you light it. As the other Voluspa candles, it i made of coconut wax in Irvine, CA. The 12oz tin candle burns for 40 hours and only costs $18. Scents available in the Japonica tin include Crane Flower, Ebony and Stone Fruit, Panjore Lychee, Gogi Tarocco Orange, Baltic Amber, Mokara, Santiago Huckleberry, and French Cade Lavender.

Be sure to visit Anthropologie to find your signature scent that best fits your personality and lifestyle! I can’t wait to get my hands on this candle that is the perfect combination of both of my favorite things (succulents and candles!) Thanks for reading, be sure to check back this week for more food, fashion, and random posts about things that I love.