Inaugural Fashion

Before, during, and after the inauguration yesterday, I refused to allow the media to affect me. What is put on the television is there only to skew our thoughts and visions a certain way. Friends turn into enemies just because of their political views. Facebook turns into a place to complain about the current situation in America and also a place for the people who aren’t complaining about it to instead complain about the complainers.

As I mentioned, I do not let this get to me. The truth is, no one knows what is going to happen until it happens. We can get ourselves all worked up over things that were said as well as the things that should have been said but were not. However, this day and age is based on actions, not words. Lets all sit back, relax, and stay true to ourselves and what we believe in. No one can take that from us.

I tried to tune into the inauguration a bit so that I could see my cousin march in the parade. He is currently studying at VMI and was able to take part in the inaugural celebrations as a Cadet. At work, many people around me were talking about different aspects of what was happening during the live stream. It seemed like there was one thing that we could all agree on- the impact of the clothing worn by each political celebrity. Since we are all women, we were focusing on the feminine fashion.

Lets all take a look at what we can really be truly opinionated on:

Hilary Clinton and the White Pant Suit

So there was a lot of speculation about why Hilary chose an all white outfit. Although she did not win the election, she is still an important political icon. Like any of us, there are rumors spiraling around about her. All that we really know is that she is a woman of much power who was brave enough to run for president despite it all.

Details: Ever since she first ran fro office, she has been known for her pant suit ensembles. The only other time she wore a white pantsuit was for the Democratic National Convention where she accepted the nomination. She chose that particular outfit to support the women’s suffragist movement. Today, we can assume that maybe this is her silent way of standing up for what she believes in- women’s rights.

This white pantsuit was made by American designer Ralph Lauren. She also chose a cream colored cashmere coat to top off the look. Both her purse and shoes were nude colored.

Michelle Obama and the Belted Red Dress

Oh Michelle, where do I even begin… Such a ravishing woman with radiant beauty on the inside and out. Our first lady was extremely inspirational especially since she was able to independently make a reputation for herself apart from just being in the White House.

As we all are aware, red is a power color. She is a symbol of powerful elegance (if that makes any sense). What I find extremely unique about her is that she can truly get her message across and spread awareness without backlash. She stays true to herself and what she believes in, and instead of turning to violence, she keeps her poise.

Michelle Obama’s dress was created by one of her favorite designers, Jason Wu. With this fit and flare dress, she wore suede pumps and a thin black belt. Although she is leaving the White House, she will always have her compassion and class. I believe this red dress and coat are a sign that no matter where she is, Michelle will always be a symbol for women everywhere and will make sure she is heard.

Melania Trump and the Soft Blue Set

The very first thing that popped into my head when I first saw this look on the new first lady was “new year, new Melania.” The new president and his first lady have been well known for years, which means that everyone already has their own opinions formed. Melania has a few risqué photos on the internet and her actions in the past are frowned upon. As we know, no one is perfect. It is 2017, lets look at this with fresh eyes.

I have never seen someone go from a sex kitten to being compared to an iconic and classic woman such as Jackie Kennedy, but again it is a new year and a new America. I’m not personally sure what she meant by wearing this outfit, but it is clear that she is trying to re-brand herself (only made in the USA of course). She was the most talked about figure for her fashion choices and she looked absolutely stunning.

Melania arrived to the inauguration wearing an all blue cashmere set created by Ralph Lauren. She is thought to be wearing Lauren due to the fact that he transformed American fashion. Her monochrome look was finished off with baby blue suede pumps.


Ladies (and gentlemen), America was just brought together through fashion by these three ladies. The colors of the United States are Red (represented by Michelle), White (represented by Hillary), and Blue (represented by Melania). Let us all stand as one and look forward to what the future has in store. These women clearly have plans for us all!