Beantown Bites

As you may have noticed via Facebook, Instagram, or my last post, I have been spending just about all of my time in Boston lately. Commuting from Rhode Island to right outside of the city for work for just under a year now has been quite the experience. However, I am hoping to move to Massachusetts as soon as possible in order to grow and prosper personally and professionally. I would be able to sleep longer (and more importantly enjoy a more substantial breakfast)!

Anyway, being a major foodie has its ups and downs. My wallet wants to kill me, but my stomach has never been so fulfilled. Thanks to OpenTable, I was able to find the best restaurants ever during my two week long foodie affair in Boston.

In this post, I am introducing you to my top five favorite restaurants which are all located in different areas of Boston. I had the pleasure of visiting about 20+ restaurants in the past fourteen days and wanted to narrow it down for you. There are breakfast, lunch, and dinner options available. It is important to eat three meals a day, people!


1. Brunch: Ward 8

For the record, I think the most important meal of them all is brunch. There is no way that you can have a bad Sunday if you start it off with a great meal paired with the right cocktail. I even try to go to brunch on Saturdays too to ensure I have the best weekend possible.

Brunch is the perfect time for talking with friends about how your work week went as well as discussing all of the gossip from the night prior. My favorite thing to do is spend the weekend nights with my girl friends and head out to get top notch food as soon as we finally wake up. I guess this is why breakfast cocktails are vital!

My go-to brunch drinks are mimosas and bloody marys. However, being a major foodie means that champagne with a splash of orange just won’t cut it. I like my drinks spicy and sweet so I usually end up getting a jalapeño infused bloody. My refreshing drink below had a mixture of tequila, vodka, lemon, and lime.



I’m usually really good at multitasking but trying to pick apart the extensive brunch menu while drooling over each option is extremely difficult. I decided to be somewhat healthy by ordering the bacon, brie, and scallion omelette. It was exploding with luscious cheese and flavor. I also ordered an ice coffee to tame my headache.



Among the rest of the gossip girls were a bloody mary, mimosas, brunch burgers, and a nutella crepe. The best thing ever were the side options- tater tots, sweet potato fries, and even freshly baked thick potato chips (oh and the side of greens too for health benefits).


Due to the extensive food options, beautiful boozy beverages, and a great time out with the girls, I would totally spend every Sunday brunch here if I could. The prices are great and the food is just amazing. However, please take into consideration that there is a huge brunch rush and it may take a while to get served! That is what reservations are for 😉

2. Traditional: Union Oyster House

After my family arrived to Boston, we were extremely exhausted but did not want to miss a thing. Saturday morning I brought the bunch of us to Faneuil Hall to walk around, shop a bit, and definitely eat. However, no food is pictured due to the lack of patience and extreme urge to dig into the ocean.

What you can find below, is a picture of a thrilled employee and a $300 lobster. Yes, you can eat him, but then what will we have to admire? This restaurant is also the perfect traditional family friendly restaurant for people of all ages and incomes.

Side note: This restaurant is the TOP place to eat seafood in all of Boston. It is a must see, must share, and must slurp. Not to mention, it is the OLDEST restaurant in America.

As far as the food goes, both the fresh and fried oysters are a must. I brought my family for an early lunch while we were exploring to escape the cold and hangriness among us. We each ordered a bloody mary of course. If you are looking for a great place to get clam chowder, I would really recommend checking out the Union Oyster House. They also have great warm cornbread to accompany your meal.


Fun: Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar

I cannot think of one better way to spend a weeknight. Mondays are stressful and we all know that Tuesdays were made for tacos and tequila. I was blessed to have my cousin in town for two weeks and knew we had to make it here.

This restaurant is also widely known and its a miracle that we even got a reservation. Even though we weren’t sat until 9:30 pm, it was more than worth it. Whether it is date night or girls night, you have to make it to Lolita. I am definitely going to turn it into both for the excuse to go more than once a week.

To start, there are over 50 different tequilas in house. The waitress even gives you tequila to clean your palate (as seen in the bowl pictured above). My cousin, Gina, ordered the lolita margarita and I got the diablo, which was the perfect amount of sweet with a kick of spice.

You are given three types of dipping sauce and chips to begin. However, it is no surprise that the first thing I had to order were nachos. The menu is set up is to share plates in order to encourage bonding and a memorable experience. These babies above were to die for! The oaxaca cheese definitely made them exceptional.

Another must try item are the avocado fritters. These are nothing like the avocado toast that has been trending. They are fried, sweet, spicy, AND delicious with a hint of peanut.


It doesn’t stop there folks. The last item we ordered was the carne asada. This unique dish has perfectly made steak, broccolini, cheese, pomegranate seeds, and chocolate. What?! Yes, chocolate!!! The perfect way to enjoy a final course without needing to order dessert. Even though you probably should.

Last but not least, your meal isn’t completely finished until you get your green apple cotton candy. If you aren’t already excited enough, the cotton candy is topped with pop rocks. As a child I always loved the most colorful and sugary desserts- and this took the cake! 


4. Quick: Basho Japanese Brasserie

After an insane week of eating until turning into beached whales, it was time to cleanse and relax. Our last night together was spent in Fenway. The week was exhausting for the both of us with working full time and living our lives as much as possible. We decided to do a little workout session before dinner so needed something light and local. 

Sushi is my perfect idea of something that is equally as fresh as it is filling. Using my go-to restaurant booking app, I found out that Basho was in walking distance of our hotel. This also meant that we could eat even more after our few feet of fitness. 

To start, I ordered the spiciest edamame I have ever had in my life. It was delicious, but all I could have to drink was water since my mouth was on fire. I also ordered my favorite- the Philadelphia roll. I don’t know if the fact that I’m from Philadelphia has anything to do with it, but my cousin ordered one too. She also had a crunchy roll which combined lots of different fish.

The best thing about the restaurant was that although it was crowded, our food was served in record time. You know you’re at a good restaurant when there’s a 40-person company party, paint and wine event, and full seats all around on a Thursday! 

5. Romantic: La Voile

What’s more romantic than a French restaurant? While spending a weekend with my mom, aunt, and cousin, I had one job- to pick the perfect place for a unique dinner. It’s not often that my family from Pennsylvania can all get together and enjoy a meal in New England. I knew dinner had to be both special and spectacular.


To begin, we split PEI mussels with white wine sauce and shallots. The best way to thoroughly enjoy this is by soaking up all of the extra juice with the fresh bread on the table! It was my first time actually trying mussels and I was delighted of course. 

Before my main entree, I also ordered the prosciutto arugula salad. It’s not pictured because it was so good that I devoured it in mere seconds. You definitely need to order this one if you’re in the mood for a salad!

As an entree, I was stuck between the scallops and duck. But if you know me, or follow my instagram, you know that I eat scallops just about every single time I get the chance. Plus, my mom and cousin both ordered them so I needed a change! 

The duck was perfectly crisp on the skin and tender with every bite. What made this dish really unique was the combination of fruity flavors to complement the duck. Who knew that oranges tasted so good with potatoes? ! 

Dinner was so amazing that we had to try four different desserts. After all, there is nothing quite comparable to a french pastry.

From top to bottom: 1. Molten chocolate fondant, 2. Floating island with vanilla ice cream, caramel, and almonds, 3. Cream puffs covered in chocolate, 4. Creme brûlée.

My favorite dessert was the “floating island”. This was probably due to the fact that I’ve never had anything even close to looking or tasting like this before. I’m extremely excited by the unknown and the flavors were out of this world (or country). 
Thank you for reading! I hope that you find the perfect restaurant that fits your occassion needs. I would love to hear which restaurants you try on this list or if you have any suggestions of places to visit! Check out my “contact” page to fill me up with additional food knowledge.