White Walls

Welcome back to the blog, everyone. Thank you so much for keeping up with me while I have been looking for inspiration lately. I would like to also welcome you to my new blog category, Interiors.

For those of you who may not be aware, I have been working on getting my certification in Interior Design through online courses. Working in the world of fashion has gotten me so interested in different fabrics, textures, and patterns and I love applying all that I have learned so far into my newfound love of interiors.

Luckily for me, I have recently moved into a new home and have been able to really focus on developing my personal style through couches, coffee tables, and even clocks. This has been a great way to put my new skills to the test as I have finished about 10% of my certification so far.


Anyway… I have decided to add Interiors to the blog as a way for both you and I to keep up with what I have learned (and applied) so far in my courses and lifestyle.

Every new house starts with “White Walls” which is why I chose to title this post as such. My passageway into the interior design world also marks a new and exciting beginning for myself, the blog, and you as the readers as well.

Let’s get this blank canvas painted! Ps. I totally forgot that this wall was painted a light robins egg blue tone when I moved in. However, my furniture fit perfectly and I am so pleased that I began with a neutral colored couch.  This brings me to my first vital tip in creating a successful living space…


Step One : The Foundation

After the dimensions of your empty white room(s) are put into play, you begin to thinking about how you are going to fill your space. Maybe you have a neutral couch from your last apartment that you are putting against that bright blue accent wall? Or that pristine off-white leather chair from your grandmother’s old house complete with a matching ottoman that you just couldn’t let sit in the storage unit any longer? Wow you sound like me!

It is easiest to reuse your current furniture and make use of hand-me downs from friends and family and spend your money on the fun things like accent pillows and plush throws. However, I wouldn’t recommend carrying over your plastic cube storage unit with fabric drawers from college that you bought for twenty-something dollars at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Make sure this furniture can still be used for years to come and won’t injure anyone in the process.

Play around with the positioning of new pieces in your space and start thinking about what else it could use to feel more “homey”. Maybe a pop of contrasting color will do the trick? How about some more pillows? Sweet smelling candles? A few plants to bring it to life? Don’t even get me started on succulents…

What do you think the second step is in the interior design process? Hint: If you are completely starting from scratch and do not have any furniture for your new home, this will actually be your first step!

Follow along on my journey through the wonderful world of interior design while I lead us both on the path to create the perfect space!