Adding Tones

After getting past the White Walls in your new home, it is time to beginning thinking about the tone. I use this word “tone” since it can refer to two completely different but relevant aspects that you need to consider for your space.

By definition, “tone” means the effect or harmony of colors and values: this is the definition I am focusing most on. However, tone can also refer to the attitude of a place or even a person. Things brings me back to my childhood when my mom used to say, “Watch your tone!”

If you have ever studied art, or you remember playing with certain colors through grade school, you may know that colors express a certain mood. Begin to plan the color scheme of your area of space by thinking of that color wheel. Primary, secondary, and tertiary colors all play a part in this decision.

As a little reminder, primary colors include the three core colors that the rest of the spectrum is based upon; red, blue, and yellow. Secondary colors include orange, green, and purple which can be made by mixing two of the primary colors together.


While studying design, I have learned that the best color schemes can be created by mixing two colors that are positioned opposite each other on the color wheel. My two colors of choice are blue and orange which happen to also be known as “complementary colors”.

Another great way to create a color scheme is by mixing three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. These colors have their own color family. Maybe you like the way reds, oranges, and yellows work together to create a warm feeling? Maybe you want a calming collection of blue, green, and violet?

Although I do enjoy the way orange and blue work together, I was not just focused on the specifics of the color wheel when choosing the color combination. Being in the fashion industry, you literally stare at colors all day whether you are matching Pantone color chips, picking the colors of the season, or even focusing on finding a place for the color of the year in your spread.


My color inspiration came from this coffee table book shown above. Tory Burch is one of my favorite designers of all time. Her clothing is made of the top quality fabrics while still being completely wearable. I would refer to it as “affordable couture” if you will. In her book,Tory Burch In Color, Tory explains where she finds her inspiration. The Tory Burch brand is built around all of the different colors that she sees during her travels in the form of people, places, and things. This book happens to really speak to me as I myself find inspiration in every day excursions.

I use this book as somewhat of a reference guide for my life which makes it the perfect coffee table book aside from the fact that it already matches everything in my space. Let’s get back to the tone… As Tory states, “(orange) is an unexpected choice in fashion and at home, which is why (she) likes it.” I could not agree more. I believe that the deep orange brings a daring touch to the calm blue space that I created. I am a huge fan of the unexpected and the orange color also brings a surprising mount of warmth to the area.



The main color that I chose for my space is blue. This color comes in many different appealing shades and even makes an appearance on the wall behind my beige couch as shown in the first picture. While its fun to incorporate lots of different items within the same color family, it is also important to include different textures and designs that create dimension in your space.

Since the denim blue color of the two studded arm chairs above is almost completely solid, I paired them with a patterned ottoman to add excitement to my sunroom area which is located off of the main living space where the couch is. The beige color of the couch is almost an exact match to the beige in the ottoman design. Even though they are in separate areas, I could always use the ottoman in the main space also since everything goes so well together. Lastly, to play off the beige, I used metallic pillows to bring out the silver studs in the chairs and tie everything together.

I hope that you enjoyed hearing about my own personal interior design inspiration. Please share with me where you find yours. Stay in touch with me on Instagram or Facebook!