What A Girl Wants

Hi Friends! This week, I have been more focused on shopping than anything else so I figured I would incorporate my favorite findings into this post. Instead of interiors, we will be focusing on “what a girl wants”- (cue the hairbrush mic and tune in the Christina Aguiliera karaoke). What I mean by this is that by the end of this post, you’ll know exactly what to buy for that fantastic female in your life that already seems to have everything. For today’s gift guide, we will be putting the spotlight on the 4 S’s. You can’t go wrong with something sparkly, seasonal, special, or soft.

I made sure that I visited the store before creating this post to make sure all of the items in this gift guide are things that I truly love and believe in. Trust me, I have smelled ALL the candles in the store at least five times. I also am a firm believer in certain collections and brands that I mention below. As a lover of all things Anthro, I made this guide catered to the store because of the incredible ambience in the store and the way that the products reflect how amazing you feel as you walk around. These gifts will bring you from the in-store paradise to keeping you warm in your own winter wonderland.

Something Sparkly

Shop: Tassel Earrings ($38) // Sequin Top ($188) // Monogram Flute ($14)

The holiday season is the perfect excuse to give a gift that has a bit of sparkle. The tassel earrings create a fun touch of shimmer without being overbearing. They come in four great colors and are sure to be a crowd pleaser. The sequin top is perfect for the fashionista that wants to make a statement this season. She will catch the eyes of all at her holiday gatherings and can even pair the top with its matching skirt. For the girl that isn’t focused on the glitzy wardrobe, a champagne flute is always a great way to say cheers for the celebration. These glasses are so affordable and even include your fave girl’s initial which calls for an awesome personalized pop of bubbly!

Something Seasonal

Shop: Jingle Ornament ($14) // Christmas Cookbook ($35) // Ornament Candle ($30)

As I begin to think of the holidays and all that the “winter wonderland” includes, I visualize sweet smells, frosted trees, and jingling bells. Since I just moved into a new apartment, I feel I am starting over again. I do not have ANY of my own christmas decorations other than a fake tree. The jingle bell tree ornament would be a great start for anyone as it is cute and to the point without being too much. The Christmas Cookbook has so many unique recipes that are sure to please your party. I would buy this for my own pleasure or for the hostess with the mostest. Ladies and gents, I thought I saw it all. Right before heading to the checkout line, I spotted the ornament candles! There are three amazing scents and designs that truly look like they could go on your tree. These candles are the perfect gift as they can decorate a house and make it smell great too!

Something Special

Shop: Jewelry Box ($14) // Initial Necklace ($38) // Monogram Cheeseboard ($38)

A personalized gift is the best option for someone close to you. I usually receive these from family members as they are the most intimate and even share initials with you (LOL). Anyway, the monogram jewelry box is absolutely precious and affordable. Monograms have been around for a while now and will never go out of style just like the initial necklace. I remember back to when I watched Sex and the City… Carrie Bradshaw never went anywhere without her iconic “Carrie” necklace from Mr. Big. OK people, now onto the most precious cheeseboard I ever did see! While shopping, I helped another customer think of a housewarming holiday gift for her relative. She ended up purchasing the cheeseboard above, a book on how to curate the perfect cheese board, and a few starter cheeses- how cute is that?! I know I wouldn’t be mad to receive that gift. However, I also know that the cheese probably wouldn’t make it onto the board… #sorrynotsorry

Something Soft

Shop: Fluffy Beanie ($48) // Reversible Robe ($138) // Plush Throw ($98)

Winter is coming!!! It is the most wonderful time to stock up on hats, gloves, scarves, and all other things that keep you warm. The pom pom beanie comes in three fun color combinations and will keep you covered in the snow. This hat is a great gift for all ages and has a unique plush texture. As a lover of all things big and fluffy, I was so excited to find the sherpa robe in store. It is available in both taupe and grey and can be worn with the soft side inside or out! I NEED this for cold nights in New England. OK, so your girl has everything and a drawer full of hats, scarves, and gloves. You don’t have the money for a robe, but still want to get something to keep her warm. Enter the plush throw blanket! Even if she already has blankets, she will not complain about a new comfy cozy throw to snuggle up in on the couch. The faux fur throw comes in five different colors and allows you to give the gift of luxury without breaking the bank.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Be sure to let me know what you purchased for your daughter, mom, sister, cousin, aunt, grandmother, girlfriend, wife, or mother in law! My personal favorite gifts from each category are the robe, cheese board, champagne flute, and ornament candle. Don’t forget to follow my adventures on Facebook and Instagram for more in-the-moment excitement.