The Woman Behind the Blog-

Hi! That’s me, Rebecca Clark. I’ll tell you a bit about where I came from and how I got here but you’ll learn the most about who I am through my posts.

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and have loved clothes and calories ever since I can remember. I literally started working my first retail job the day after I received my drivers license and decided at that very moment that fashion was my passion.

With that said, I moved to the tiny state of Rhode Island for college. Within three years, I graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Marketing and spent a summer abroad at the Paris Fashion Institute to study Design.

A few days after graduation, I was offered a full-time position as an Assistant Buyer for a company based in Massachusetts. Once I lost that job, I was able to take a step back and think about what I really wanted to accomplish in life. Now, I am working for a home decor company and absolutely love what I am doing during the week.



The Story Behind the Name-

I know, this is probably crucial since you are either rolling your eyes or scratching your head.

It all happened during a vocabulary test in high school. I was extremely organized, studied all the time, and aced all of my exams. A blonde nerd? Yes we exist.

Anyway, a boy sitting in front of me decided to take a jab at my “perfectionism” and explained to the class how I will never be impeccable, just imbeccable.

So to cut the story short, a bully turned into a hero by coming up with my alias. Thanks, buddy!


The Purpose Behind the Page-

As we all know, there is no such thing as perfect. I only aim to challenge myself, learn something new every single day, and be the best me that I possibly can. By reading my blog, I hope that you can be inspired to do the same!

With that said, I welcome you to my imbeccable blog… the perfectly imperfect day in the life of a 20-something food connoisseur working in the fashion industry.

Follow me as I learn how to balance all of my favorite things in four inch heels while commuting up and down the East Coast all while trying to find a bite to eat on the way.


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